Surviving 13 Stab Wounds A Mother's Tale of Courage and Resilience

Surviving 13 Stab Wounds: A Mother’s Tale of Courage and Resilience

TAMPA, Fla. — A mother from Florida is recounting her survival story after enduring 13 stab wounds.

“I truly believed I might not make it out alive,” Crystal Bresnahan recounted. “I couldn’t breathe, and I could feel my lungs filling with blood… It was absolutely terrifying.”

According to investigators, Crystal was allegedly attacked by her husband, the same individual who, just last month, reportedly engaged in a shootout with police in the Tampa Bay area, firing an AK-47.

Police reported that 18 officers returned fire on Michael Bresnahan to safeguard innocent bystanders. He was later found deceased inside his vehicle, having suffered a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

Crystal shared with 8 On Your Side the events leading up to the shootout on July 17th, revealing that she had a serious conversation with Michael where she expressed her decision not to return home.

“He acted as though he was deeply hurt and requested to see the children; he claimed it would make him feel better,” she further explained.

Crystal stated that Michael asked if he could take their children to a park, and she agreed. Little did she know what was to unfold when she leaned in to kiss her children goodbye.

“As I went to give my son a farewell kiss on the other side of the car, I felt the blade in my back,” Crystal recounted. “He commanded, ‘Get in the car and don’t scream.'”

“I couldn’t help but scream,” she continued.

Resisting fiercely, she knew that entering the car would likely seal her fate.

“When he realized he couldn’t shut that door, he began stabbing me,” Crystal described. The knife thrust in and out repeatedly.

“While he was stabbing me in the front seat, my 6-year-old son, Michael, implored, ‘Dad, stop! You’re killing my mom,'” she recalled. Eventually, she was pulled from the vehicle and thrown to the ground before Michael reportedly drove away.

Despite sustaining 13 stab wounds, she managed to walk roughly 100 yards.

“My entire body was drenched in blood,” she said.

A passerby noticed her and hurried to her aid after two vehicles had driven past. Now, Crystal is recuperating after her hospitalization.

She detailed undergoing multiple surgeries, receiving numerous stitches, and needing her intestines repositioned inside her body. The recovery process remains excruciatingly painful.

“I was stabbed in my liver, colon, and lungs multiple times,” she explained. “My left arm was torn apart… They had to reconstruct it.”

“If you had a message for [Michael] today, what would it be?,” queried 8 On Your Side reporter Nicole Rogers.

“You failed. I’m still here,” Crystal affirmed. “I triumphed. I get to lead a peaceful life… Yet, I would also express my remorse. I reflect on that frequently – what I would convey to him if I could,” Crystal added. “The most significant message, though, is ‘You lost.'”

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