Tallahassee Man Falls Victim to Lyft Scam Charged $90 for Short Ride

Tallahassee Man Falls Victim to Lyft Scam: Charged $90 for Short Ride

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. – A man from Tallahassee recently fell victim to a scam by a Lyft driver who charged him nearly $90 for a short ride home.

Ameer Dib took a Lyft home from Firestone Complete Auto Care on Apalachee Parkway on July 6, but things took an unexpected turn.

Shortly after arriving home, Dib received an email from Lyft’s customer support claiming that he had caused damage during the ride.

The email included photos showing vomit all over the back seat and an $80 damage fee was added to his fare, even though Dib insisted he had not made a mess.

Dib’s wife took to Facebook to share their ordeal, posting a portion of the photo submitted by the Lyft driver, who accused Dib of being responsible.

However, Dib provided evidence to WCTV that proved otherwise. He showed them a photo of the time displayed on his car’s dashboard, indicating that he was not in the Lyft at the time the alleged incident occurred.

Additionally, Dib presented footage from his Ring Doorbell that showed him standing by his garage without any signs of vomit on him.

Fortunately, Dib eventually received a refund from Lyft over the weekend, but the process was frustrating and time-consuming. He had to speak with three different agents over two days to resolve the issue. Dib expressed his dissatisfaction, as it took away valuable time from his daily activities.

This scam not only affected Dib but also sparked anger among other rideshare drivers in Tallahassee. One driver, Josh, emphasized that this incident does not represent the larger rideshare community and expressed frustration that someone would misuse their platform to cause trouble for others.

When approached for comment, a Lyft spokesperson informed WCTV that each incident is investigated individually, taking into account evidence such as photos and statements from both the driver and rider.

Although Dib’s dispute was eventually resolved, he believes that Lyft should take action to prevent similar situations in the future. He suggests implementing mandatory in-vehicle dash cams for all drivers to provide a means of resolving disputes more effectively.

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