Tallahassee Mourns the Closure of Mo-Betta BBQ End of an Era for Food Truck Fans

Tallahassee Mourns the Closure of Mo-Betta BBQ: End of an Era for Food Truck Fans

Seventeen years in the past, a vibrant red food truck positioned itself in the parking lot at the intersection of Apalachee Parkway and Capital Circle. Over the years, it delighted the taste buds of Tallahassee’s food enthusiasts and distinguished itself as one of the city’s cherished barbecue hotspots.

However, that chapter has come to an end. This Wednesday, a sudden Facebook post brought disappointment to many, announcing the permanent closure of the beloved Mo-Betta BBQ.

Owned and run by Billy “Mo” Hollaway and his wife, Nicole, the food truck has bid farewell to its loyal patrons.

The heartfelt post reads: “Thank you Tallahassee and surrounding areas for your support throughout the past 17 years. We truly appreciate each and every one of you. Our season in this industry has passed, but don’t forget to shop local and support other small businesses. As we move on, thank you again for all of your support. ”

The comments section was filled with inquiries about when individuals could return for their final meals, how they could access their favorite dishes in the future, and if there was a chance to get a sneak peek at recipes for specialty items such as the popular baked beans.

One Facebook user expressed their sadness, commenting, “What? No way!!! That was our go-to spot, Mo-Betta BBQ! We will miss you dearly! Our hearts are broken, and our stomachs too! Best of luck on your new endeavors!”

Another user pleaded, “Wait…what?? Can we not have a big send-off and one last celebratory meal PLEASEEEEE!!!”

Mo-Betta BBQ made the move to Tallahassee from Tampa after a successful stint catering to the city’s football fans during a major game.

The truck impressed many with its offerings of smoked meats, including spare ribs, chopped pork, beef brisket, and chicken, along with their perfectly paired sides, leaving a lasting impression of handcrafted recipes for everyone to savor.

The couple was encouraged to stay in the city, and the rest became history.

Although there have been no official statements explaining why the couple decided to close down, the news has created a void in the hearts and appetites of those who had enjoyed their specialty barbecue for years.

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