Tampa Emergency: 11 Semi-Trailers Ablaze After Power Line Incident

Tampa Emergency: 11 Semi-Trailers Ablaze After Power Line Incident

TAMPA, Fla. — Several semi-trailers, some of which had fallen power lines on top of them, caught fire on a Sunday afternoon in Tampa, according to officials.

The fire led to the destruction of 11 semi-trailers, as reported by Hillsborough County Fire Rescue in a press release.

Around 4:50 p.m., a report was received by HCFRR regarding a smoke investigation on Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard.

Upon arrival, firefighters observed smoke emanating from the tires of several semi-trailers.

After discovering that a number of the semi-trailers had power lines collapsed on their roofs, the department’s captain requested additional units to help combat the fire.

Due to the risks posed by live electrical lines, rescue teams had to await the arrival of Tampa Electric at the scene. They needed to cut power to the area before the firefighting efforts could commence.

“After ensuring the area was safe from electrical hazards, the teams swiftly brought the fire under control,” stated the press release.

Despite the fire spreading to multiple trailers, the crews managed to extinguish it.

Officials confirmed that neither nearby individuals nor first responders sustained any injuries. Additionally, no structures in the vicinity suffered damage.

HCFR explained that the power lines fell onto the trailers during a passing storm.

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