Tampa Man Sentenced to 10+ Years for Meth Distribution

Tampa Man Sentenced to 10+ Years for Meth Distribution

With the intention of distributing methamphetamine, a guy from Tampa was found guilty and given a ten-year and seven-month sentence in federal prison.

In a guilty plea on February 2, 2024, Cameron Mosley, 30, of Tampa. Mosley called co-conspirator Enock Edouard on March 31, 2023, and using a codename, requested methamphetamine, according to court records.

They also talked about what Mosley’s clients would do with the meth. Afterwards, Edouard and Mosley decided to meet in a Tampa restaurant.

After keeping an eye on the narcotics deal, law officers tried to pull over Mosley, but he ran. Mosley was filmed by helicopter surveillance tossing an object out of his car when he ran from the police.

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Later that night, over the phone, Mosley and Edouard talked about how Mosley had to toss the meth from the car in an attempt to get away from the cops.

The following day, authorities detained Mosley and found more than 40 grams of methamphetamine where he was reportedly hurling the drugs.

After a bench trial, Enock Edouard was found guilty of his involvement in this case and is currently awaiting sentencing.

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