TPD and 4 Tampa Libraries Team Up for Free Gun Lock Giveaway
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TPD and 4 Tampa Libraries Team Up for Free Gun Lock Giveaway

In 2023, the Tampa Police Department retrieved almost 2,000 stolen weapons. It is currently attempting to broaden its activities related to gun safety by providing free gun locks in Tampa public libraries.

According to the TPD, there is a significant problem with stolen firearms. By making gun locks more widely available, the agency intends to both discourage crime and promote responsible gun ownership.

According to the TPD’s annual report, there were fewer auto burglaries last year, but almost 200 weapons were taken.

“The guns are out there and they’re getting stolen from cars and we need community members and responsible gun owners to do their part,” Tampa Police Chief Lee Bercaw stated.

According to Chief Lee Bercaw, these weapons were taken from unsecured vehicles. He is urging folks to lock their firearms in addition to their doors. Mayor Jane Castor concurred.

“The leading cause of death among individuals 16 to 20 is gun violence and that is something as a nation is unacceptable,” Castor stated.

More than a thousand gun locks will be given away at four Tampa libraries by TPD and the Hillsborough County Public Library Cooperative in an effort to help prevent crime. At the following four public libraries, free gun locks are available:

  • North Tampa Branch Library
  • New Tampa Regional Library
  • Robert W. Saunders, Sr. Public Library
  • Jan K. Platt Regional Library

According to Shedriek Battle, branch manager at Robert W. Saunders, “offering them at a library makes it more accessible for the community because going into a library is a lot less intimidating for many people than going into a police station.”

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Everyone can take up a gun lock, according to the library. While visiting Rober W. Saunders, Steve Freeman stated that it is not a solution to every issue related to gun violence.

“I can’t say that it I believe it will address many issues, but it’s good for people to have the information and the gun locks,” Freeman stated.

According to TPD, you should always bring your guns inside your house at night, even if they are locked.

It stated that the lock would render the gun unusable even if it were stolen. TPD stated that attempting to remove it would be difficult, hopefully discouraging someone from stealing it.

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