Tragic Fourth of July Shooting Claims Life of 7-Year-Old Boy in Tampa

Tragic Fourth of July Shooting Claims Life of 7-Year-Old Boy in Tampa

TAMPA, Fla. — On the Fourth of July, a stray bullet tragically claimed the life of a 7-year-old boy following a heated argument that escalated into gunfire. The Tampa Police Department received a distressing call around 8:30 p.m., reporting a shooting incident near Ben T.

Davis Beach along the Courtney Campbell Causeway. Upon arrival, officers were devastated to discover a young boy with a gunshot wound to the head and his grandfather injured in the hand. Emergency responders swiftly transported the child to the hospital, but unfortunately, medical staff pronounced him dead.

According to witnesses, the altercation began with a verbal dispute between two groups of individuals after someone allegedly operated a jetski recklessly near a play area where children were present. As tensions escalated, members from both groups resorted to firing their weapons at each other.

During the exchange of gunfire, the grandfather courageously tried to shield his 7-year-old grandson from harm. Tragically, both of them were struck by bullets, even though they had sought safety inside their truck rather than being in the water.

Investigators have determined that the bullet which injured the grandfather’s hand is the same one that struck the child’s head. Calvin Johnson, Deputy Chief of Investigations and Support, empathized with the grief-stricken grandfather, acknowledging the overwhelming anguish of losing a grandchild and the agonizing second-guessing that follows such a traumatic event.

Authorities provided an update on the investigation, stating that they have yet to gather substantial information about the individuals involved, including their identities, origins, and whereabouts.

Based on witness descriptions provided in the news release, it is believed that two groups of Hispanic men were engaged in the shooting. Deputy Chief Johnson emphasized that the young child was likely not the intended target, underscoring the dangers of reckless firearm use and the consequences when anger takes precedence.

The Tampa Police Department urges anyone with relevant information to come forward and assist the ongoing investigation. They can contact the department directly at 813-231-6130 or provide an anonymous tip through CrimeStoppers at 800-873-TIPS (8477).

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