Triple Homicide Suspect in Manatee County Shootings Had Domestic Violence Record
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Triple Homicide Suspect in Manatee County Shootings Had Domestic Violence Record

The 28-year-old Tampa man killed three women on Monday night in Manatee County, including his mother, with a gun before he was shot and killed by deputies at the Georgia state line. The motive behind the shooting remains unknown to the authorities.

According to court documents, the defendant had previously been subject to a risk protection order that prohibited him from owning a firearm and had a history of domestic abuse against women.

Deputies said Javontee Brice killed his mother, 48-year-old Titinysha Scott; his cousin, 29-year-old Sacouya Starquez Jonquila; and his ex-girlfriend’s partner, 31-year-old Chanel Carter, in three different shootings in less than an hour. Brice was killed in a shootout with deputies on Tuesday near the Florida-Georgia border.

In September 2023, Brice was charged with domestic battery by strangulation in Manatee County; however, the allegations were eventually dismissed.

In August 2022, he was also charged with first-degree battery in Manatee County; however, the judge declined to rule on the case. Brice’s mailing address is shown as being in Tampa in court documents.

The Bradenton Police Department served Brice in Manatee County with a petition for a risk protection order in August 2022. Brice had used or threatened to use firearms on himself or others, according to the officers’ appeal.

He was told to turn in any guns and ammo that he was in possession of. Until August 2023, Brice was also prohibited from owning a gun or ammo while the order was in force.

During a news conference, Manatee County Sheriff Rick Wells responded to a question on Brice’s past mental health issues by saying that the agency will be looking into it, but he wasn’t sure what kind of problems Brice had previously.

“We don’t know motive,” Wells stated. “We don’t know what set this man off. We don’t know why he chose to kill his loved ones. We may never know, but we’re going to continue to investigate.”

According to Wells, Brice visited his sister and the mother of one of his twelve children at the Palmetto Trace Apartments, located at 708 2nd Ave. E., before the three shootings.

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According to Wells, Brice remarked to his ex-girlfriend, “I have to kill you.” Brice’s sister managed to pacify him and dissuade him from pulling his gun. Subsequently, she informed investigators that Brice was exhibiting unusual behavior and she was uncertain about his true condition.

At approximately 9:15 p.m., he proceeded to the Motel 6 located at 68th Street Circle East in Bradenton, where Scott, Scott’s boyfriend, and their two children—Brice’s sisters—were billeted. Investigators were informed by witnesses to Brice’s shootings that he apologized to Scott before shooting her.

After the incident, he went to a BBQ at a cousin’s house in the 900 block of 26th Street East. Brice shot Jonquila at approximately 9:40 p.m. as she was getting into her car.

After that, Brice shot at Carter, the partner of his previous girlfriend, in the 4800 block of 51st Street east in Bradenton.

Several law enforcement agencies helped trace Brice to Hamilton County, which is close to the state line, after MCSO issued a nationwide “be on the lookout” notice for his vehicle. Wells claimed that Brice might be going to Georgia to murder a second ex-girlfriend.

Brice mentioned his dissatisfaction with some individuals in his life in poems he posted on his Facebook page, even though the reason behind the shootings is still unknown. According to Wells, Brice appeared to have a clear plan, be aware of the target he wanted to kill, and have no trouble finding them.


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