Woman Faces Charges of Child Neglect and Arson After Car Fire During Mall Shoplifting

Woman Faces Charges of Child Neglect and Arson After Car Fire During Mall Shoplifting

According to an arrest report, a woman from Florida is facing charges of aggravated child neglect and arson after her car caught fire while she was allegedly shoplifting at a mall in central Florida.

The woman, identified as Moore, parked her car in the parking lot of a Dillard’s store at the Oviedo Mall, leaving her children inside the vehicle.

Reportedly, Moore entered Dillard’s with a male companion and began shoplifting items. Security personnel observed them for an hour.

Approximately an hour later, Moore attempted to leave the store but discovered her car engulfed in flames. She promptly dropped the stolen merchandise and exited the store, as stated in the police report.

Onlookers at the mall witnessed the blazing car and rescued the children from inside while they tried to escape the fire.

The children were then transported to Orlando Health Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children. One child suffered first-degree burns to her face and ears, according to the arrest report.

The Seminole County Sheriff’s Office arrested Moore on an unrelated outstanding warrant. While she was in custody, they charged her with aggravated child neglect and arson relating to the incident on May 26.

The same jail record also indicates additional charges against Moore, including petty theft and assault and battery on a person over 65 years old in Sumter County, approximately 55 miles west of Orlando.

The arrest report states that although the cause of the fire remains unknown, Moore’s negligence contributed to the injuries sustained by the children. Furthermore, the report mentions that the fire occurred while Moore was engaged in a felony, which led to the charges she is currently facing.

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