Breaking Man Accused of Dumping Litter in Florida in More Legal Trouble!

Breaking: Man Accused of Dumping Litter in Florida in More Legal Trouble!

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. — Nicholas Bysheim, who lives in Maryland, appeared in court once again on Friday in West Palm Beach, Florida, after the office of the state attorney issued two fresh misdemeanor accusations against him for dumping litter and trying to commit dumping the litter.

Both of these offenses are considered to be class A misdemeanors.

Bysheim is also accused of disseminating hundreds of antisemitic fliers around West Palm Beach’s various communities in March.

During the hearing, the judge, Marni Bryson, canceled the prior bail that Bysheim had posted for another offense and replaced it with a new one for $5,000. In addition to that, she delivered a severe warning.

“If you are found guilty of another crime, I will revoke your bond and set the new bond amount to zero.” Do you realize that you will have to wait in prison until your trial? Bysheim heard her say that.

Byshiem is also going to trial for an earlier incident that took place on January 21.

In that instance, it is claimed that he resisted cops without using physical force when they tried to issue him a ticket for littering. The date of the trial regarding the event is scheduled to take place on July 25.

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