Breaking News: Police Chief Takes a Stand Against 'Constitutional Carry' Rule!

Breaking News: Police Chief Takes a Stand Against ‘Constitutional Carry’ Rule!

A new law in Florida is not popular with the new police chief in Palm Beach County.

Michael Coleman will take over as head of the Riviera Beach Police Department on Monday. He was just named to the job.

Coleman tells CBS 12 News that even though he disagrees with the so-called “Constitutional Carry” rule, he will enforce it.

“I don’t think everyone needs a gun,” she said. You know, someone who has never used a gun before. I know what happens when people use guns. And I know what people who don’t know how to use guns right will do when they don’t know how.”

When the law goes into force in July, people won’t need permits or training to carry guns, but they will still have to keep them hidden.

Gun crime is one of the most important things for Chief Coleman to deal with in the city.

On Wednesday, the city of Riviera Beach will have a “Meet and Greet” for people to meet the new chief.

It will take place between 6 and 9 p.m. at the Rafiki Tiki at 190 East 13th Street.

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