Breaking Plantation Standoff Leads to Multiple Arrests, Here's What We Know!

Breaking: Plantation Standoff Leads to Multiple Arrests, Here’s What We Know!

PLANTATION, FLA. – There was a SWAT battle in a Plantation neighborhood. Seven people had to be led out of an apartment building in handcuffs, and one of them was arrested.

Around 4 a.m. Thursday, people living in the Spectra at Plantation apartments near Northwest 10th Court and 43rd Avenue woke up to loud noises and a lot of cops.

A woman said, “I heard, ‘Get out with your hands up.'”

7Skyforce flew above the scene as SWAT officers with their long guns drawn moved quietly along a building at the complex.

A police officer is seen using a wrench to break into a first-floor apartment so he or she can make an arrest.

Three women and four men were put in handcuffs and led out of the flat by police officers.

A man who was arrested said he hadn’t done anything wrong, but he was still put in handcuffs and taken away.

“SWAT standoffs happen here all the time,” a woman said, referring to the situation.

Witnesses say that the cops were looking in the bushes next to the apartment complex where neighbors said a man had been hurt and then taken to the hospital.

“They beat up someone, and then they broke into the apartment,” a witness said.

The person the police were looking for was finally caught, they said. But they didn’t say what the exact reason was for the first order, which was what started the standoff.

Two guys were taken away by patrol cars, but only one of them was arrested. The other five people were let go and went back into the room.

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