Breaking News Sheriff's Office Offers FREE Concealed Carry Lessons to Residents!

Breaking News: Sheriff’s Office Offers FREE Concealed Carry Lessons to Residents!

HILLSBOROUGH COUNTY, Fla. — Due to high demand, the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office said on Wednesday that it would add more concealed carry lessons at Shooters World.

The sheriff’s office said that all of the spots in the program were taken in just 20 hours.

Sheriff Chad Chronister said that the program’s budget has been changed by $50,000, which means that it can now serve twice as many people. The sheriff said that by adding more free classes, more people in Hillsborough County will be able to get training.

Chronister said that the money came from the county’s Law Enforcement Trust Fund, which is made up of money taken from criminals.

Sheriff Chad Chronister said, “We are very confident that this program will help our community and encourage responsible gun ownership, which will reduce the number of accidental shootings, injuries, and deaths in the long run.”

We’re happy with how well the program has been received so far, and we’ll keep putting a high value on investing in the safety of our community.” We’re looking forward to hearing from participants so we can make the program even better.”

More than 1,300 Hillsborough County residents will be able to take the training and learn how to safely handle and store a gun, as well as when and where they can legally carry their guns.

Use the code “HCSO” in the concealed carry class area of Shooters World’s website to sign up for the lessons.

“teamHCSO wants to thank Bing Kearney and everyone at Shooters World for how much they have helped our concealed carry classes. The sheriff’s office said in a news release, “Their dedication to the safety and education of our community is truly unmatched, and we are so grateful for your kindness.”

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