Deadly Shooting at Private School Sparks Major Safety Overhaul

Deadly Shooting at Private School Sparks Major Safety Overhaul

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. — The deadly shooting at a private Christian school in Tennessee is making people worry about safety in private schools.

Tim Miller of LionHeart Security Team in Palm Beach County said, “The worry is that Christian schools don’t think it can happen to them.”

Miller’s company helps churches, schools, and businesses have a security plan and equipment.

Miller said that when it comes to private schools, the cost is usually a reason for people to hesitate.

“Their resources are smaller, but I’ve found that the leadership isn’t willing to put money into the security that’s needed across the country,” he said.

Miller said that there should be several layers of security at school.

“Security always starts in the parking lot, so have cameras and technology in place. There are smart technology cameras that can find weapons and alert you automatically,” he said.

Miller also suggests that parents talk to their school leaders about what security measures are in place at their schools.

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