Delaware Man Wins Big in Florida $5 Million Scratch-Off Prize!

Delaware Man Wins Big in Florida: $5 Million Scratch-Off Prize!

  1. While on vacation in Florida, a man from Delaware won $5 million on a scratch-off ticket.
  2. The winning ticket was bought at a Publix in Delray Beach by Peter Sullivan.
  3. Officials say that Sullivan chose to pay $3,960,000.00 all at once in a lump sum.

CNN and lottery officials say that a man on vacation in Florida stopped at a Publix, spent $20 on a scratch-off ticket, and then left as a multimillionaire.

The “Gold Rush Limited” ticket was bought at a grocery store in Delray Beach, Florida, by Peter Sullivan, who lives in Delaware, according to a statement from the Florida Lottery.

Officials say the 66-year-old picked up his $5 million prize at the lottery office in West Palm Beach. Sullivan chose to pay the $3,960,000 all at once. Sullivan hasn’t said what he plans to do with the money he won.

The Florida Lottery said that the Publix store that sold the winning ticket also got a $2,000 bonus for doing so.

Insider already told you that in 2021, a family from New Jersey bought a lottery ticket at a rest stop on their way home from vacation and won $2 million. Recently, a Maryland couple who has been married for about 60 years said that they will finally go on their honeymoon after winning a $50,000 scratch-off lottery ticket.

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