Florida Woman Arrested for Murder After Climbing Tree Naked and Seeing Demons!

Florida Woman Arrested for Murder After Climbing Tree Naked and Seeing “Demons”!

On Sunday, police in West Palm Beach, Florida, arrested a woman and charged her with murder. They had first heard that she had been climbing a tree naked, which led them to her.

The Palm Beach Sheriff’s Office said that 34-year-old Sheree Williams was arrested and charged with first-degree premeditated murder after the body of a woman who had been strangled with a cord was found in her apartment on Sunday.

Investigators from the sheriff’s office said that on Sunday, they got a call saying that a naked woman was running around the city and climbing a tree.

When the police got there, Williams was hiding in a pipe in a canal across the street from her apartment.

The sheriff’s office said that Williams told police that “people were trying to kill her” and that “demons were in the sky.”

Before they found the body of the victim in her apartment, the police arrested Williams. After talking with investigators, Williams’ landlord said that there were some problems that led up to what happened.

The landlord told the sheriff’s office that Williams seemed “nice” and that she was renting a place with her 8-year-old son. But he said that she called him last weekend and said she was seeing things, and he said that since then, she has been acting in a strange way.

At this point, police have not said what the reason was, but they have said that they are investigating. The name of the victim has not been made public yet. Williams has a court date on May 18.

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