Jaw-dropping Moments From the West Palm Beach Police Awards

Jaw-dropping Moments From the West Palm Beach Police Awards”

Honoring police officers in 2022 for their good work

THE FUND for West Palm Beach Police helps pay for public safety programs that help keep the city’s quality of life at its best. By recognizing outstanding service, the Police Awards encourage police officers to do their best work.

Over 400 people, including police officers, their spouses, and Donor Members of THE FUND, went to a buffet brunch at the Kravis Center, which was followed by a ceremony where police were given citations, medals, trophies, and cash awards.

Jaw-dropping Moments From the West Palm Beach Police Awards

All police officers were asked to come to THE FUND as guests. Bill Bone ran the event and was also the master of ceremonies. Spring flowers like tulips and lilies were used to decorate the ballroom and were given to the officers who were there.

One of the best parts of the event is when Police Chief Frank Adderley gives 11 officers Tactical Lifesaving Medals. Anthony Testa, an officer and decorated Afghanistan war veteran who died in 2021, is named after the award.

Yanko Abreu, Cassandra Bogaert, Jeremy Boykins, Nelson Caceres, Lyndon Charles, Austin Danielovich, Ismael Flores, Willy Louis, Albert McCarthy, Hector Perdigon, and Hannah Skotzke were the winners.

Al Adelson, chair of THE FUND, gave Sergeant Chris Nagel THE FUND Award. Mayor Keith James gave Officer Angel Vargas the Community Outreach Award.

Jaw-dropping Moments From the West Palm Beach Police Awards

Thomas Gravina gave Crime Analyst AnnMarie Almaguer the Civilian of the Year Award. Thomas Zacharias gave Evidence Supervisor Liset Lowe the Civilian Supervisor of the Year Award. Patrick Harrison gave Detective Christian Tomas the Investigator of the Year Award. Joe Plumeri gave t

All of the award winners were chosen by Lt. Sterling Kihei, who is in charge of the Police Awards Committee, which is separate from THE FUND.

Cops & Scholars, Run with the Cops, Shop with a Cop, Community Events Trailer, Tamarind Slam, Thanksgiving Turkey Giveaway, and Operation “Push” are all programs that THE FUND supports.

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