Huge News for Palm Beach County Schools New High School Boundary Map Approved!

Huge News for Palm Beach County Schools: New High School Boundary Map Approved!

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. — The Palm Beach County School Board approved a new map of high school boundaries for the next school year on Wednesday.

The meeting was the end of a long and controversial process that moved thousands of students to make some schools less crowded and to send students to the new Dr. Joaquin Garcia High School in the western part of Lake Worth Beach.

In August, school starts.

Last month, the board gave the boundaries their first OK.

Under the plan that was approved by the school board, some students from Palm Beach Central High School, John I. Leonard High School, Santaluces Community High School, and Park Vista Community High School will be moved to Dr. Garca High School.

The study makes it easier for students to get to school and reduces crowding at several schools in the area.

Students who will be juniors next year will be able to stay at their current school if they want to, along with rising seniors and their siblings.

Since Seminole Ridge Community High School opened in 2005, Dr. Garca High School is the first public high school to open in Palm Beach County.

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