Virginia Police Successfully End 36-Hour Standoff with Woman

Melissa Joan Hart Shares Her Emotional Account of Helping Children Escape Nashville Shooting!

Melissa Joan Hart, an actor, says she helped kids get out of the school right after Monday’s deadly shooting in Nashville.

The actress who played Sabrina on “Sabrina, the Teenage Witch” posted an emotional video on Instagram on Tuesday. The video was shot on the day of the shooting at The Covenant School. She said that the violence happened “right next to” the school where her children go to class.

“We moved here from Connecticut, where we went to a school not too far from Sandy Hook,” she said, referring to the mass shooting in Newtown, Connecticut, in 2012 that killed 20 children. “So this is the second time that our kids have been in the same school as a shooting.”

Virginia Police Successfully End 36-Hour Standoff with Woman

The actress said that everything is fine with her family and that her kids weren’t at school on Monday. Hart then told the story of how she and her musician husband, Mark Wilkerson, were on their way to school for a conference when they saw students who seemed to be running away from school.

Hart said, “We helped a group of kindergarteners cross a busy highway. They were climbing out of the woods to get away from a shooter at their school, and we helped them.” “So we helped all these little kids cross the street and got their teachers over there. We helped a mother get back to her kids.”

Hart said, “I just don’t know what to say anymore.” “Just say, “Enough is enough.” Only pray. Please pray for the families.”

Three children and three adults were killed when someone opened fire at The Covenant School, a private Christian school in the wealthy Green Hills neighborhood of the city.

Police have found out that the shooter was a 28-year-old woman from Nashville named Audrey Hale. Officials said the shooter had at least two weapons that look like assault rifles and a handgun.

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