Man in Custody After Seriously Injuring Woman in Stabbing Attack

Man in Custody After Seriously Injuring Woman in Stabbing Attack

On Wednesday night, a man, Jerald Williams, 32, was arrested for attempted homicide after he stabbed a woman in the passenger seat of her car in southwest Tallahassee. He is currently in custody at the Leon County Detention Facility.

Tallahassee Police discovered the injured woman at a dance studio on Kissimmee Street after Williams drove them there. She had wounds on her neck, as stated in the arrest report.

The victim explained to the police that Williams had asked for a ride at a corner store and threatened to harm her if she didn’t comply. Upon arrival, Williams claimed to be waiting for someone, but then brandished a pocket knife, reiterating his threat.

Despite the attack, the woman managed to fend him off and escape from the car, seeking refuge in the studio.

The report notes that TPD, with assistance from the Leon County Sheriff’s Office, conducted a search of the surrounding area and swiftly located Williams walking along a nearby street shortly after the incident.

“Jerald spontaneously uttered to deputies on scene that he was just walking down the street smoking ‘dope,'” the report says. “Jerald denied having any involvement in the stabbing incident.”

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