Mitt Romney Enjoys Rare Finds at West Palm Beach Antique Fair!

Mitt Romney Enjoys Rare Finds at West Palm Beach Antique Fair!

On Saturday, a party on West Palm Beach’s popular Antique Row shut down traffic on a section of South Dixie Highway from Monroe Drive south to Southern Boulevard.

The Young Friends of the Historical Society of Palm Beach County put on the annual Evening on Antique Row block party from 6 to 9 p.m. Saturday. The fashionable street party shines a light on one of the coolest parts of the city and is thought to be a stylish event.

The event was held at the heart of the new up-and-coming culinary scene in West Palm Beach, famously known as the “Dixie Corridor.” It was a gathering that showcased a diverse range of delectable offerings from numerous local eateries.

The participating restaurants comprised a long list of esteemed establishments, such as Howley’s, Aioli, The SoSo, Palm Beach Meats, Tropical Smokehouse, Don Ramón Cuban Cuisine, Sushi Jo, Celis, Lynora’s, Yolk, 123 Datura, Vinyl Fish Club, Sarah’s Slow Jam, Apricot & Olive, Joseph’s Classic Market, Grato, Guaca Go, and Revenge Rum.

Sen. Mitt Romney, R-Utah, and his wife Ann Romney were seen in the crowd.

Even though the event on Saturday was a party, it was a party with a point. It helps pay for the Historical Society of Palm Beach County’s education programs. This is a non-profit group that collects, preserves, and shares the history of our county. In the 1916 Courthouse in West Palm Beach, it runs the Richard and Pat Johnson Palm Beach County History Museum.

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