Shocking 13-Year-Old Boy Leads Police on Deadly Chase in Stolen Car!

Shocking: 13-Year-Old Boy Leads Police on Deadly Chase in Stolen Car!

Authorities say that a 13-year-old boy who was giving police a chase in a stolen car in California crashed into two other cars, killing one person and hurting almost a dozen others.

A news report from the Woodland Police Department says that an officer saw a car being driven erratically on Saturday afternoon. About 15 miles northwest of Sacramento is the town of Woodland.

The cop tried to stop the car, which led to a chase, according to Woodland police. The car then hit two other cars, which caused two of the cars to catch fire.

The release says that four cars were called to the scene and that one person died and “nearly a dozen” people were hurt. On Saturday night, doctors were still trying to figure out how bad their wounds were.

Police found out later that the driver of the car they were chasing was a 13-year-old boy who had stolen the car.

Police say that the California Highway Patrol is now looking into what caused the crash.

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