Shocking! CNA Steals Patient's Identity to Pay for Plastic Surgery

Shocking! CNA Steals Patient’s Identity to Pay for Plastic Surgery

DELTONA, Fla. — A certified nursing assistant who works in a patient’s home is accused of using the patient’s identity to open a credit card in their name and use it to pay for plastic surgery.

The Volusia County Sheriff’s Office said that the 88-year-old woman called them on April 4 when a $7,160.11 credit card bill came in the mail. Her husband told the officers that no one had joined the account.

After doing more research, the detectives said that the transaction for $7,000 was made on November 1, 2022, at Moon Plastic Surgery for multiple treatments for 31-year-old Tiffany Acuna, who is also known as Tiffany Kent.

The sheriff’s office said that Acuna, who worked for American In-Home Care, was fired on April 4, the same day that the accusations were made. She was called by police, but at first Acuna said she hadn’t tried to get a credit card in the name of the victim or had plastic surgery.

But the sheriff’s office said that Acuna later called the husband of the victim and asked to meet to set up a payment plan.

Detectives said that Acuna went to the victim’s house on April 27 with $1,500 cash and a loan agreement contract. She was stopped by deputies and detectives and taken into custody. Acuna told police that the victim had given her permission to use her name to pay for plastic surgery.

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