Sofia Vergara's Prenuptial Agreement Safeguarding Her $180 Million Fortune

Sofia Vergara’s Prenuptial Agreement: Safeguarding Her $180 Million Fortune

A few days after publicly revealing their divorce news, Sofia Vergara and Joe Manganiello each took their own paths.

Following her recent vacation in Italy with her girlfriends, the “Modern Family” actress shifted back into work mode in an unexpected location – Florida.

Sharing a selfie from the plane, the 51-year-old TV star wrote, “Tampa, here we go!” to let her fans know she was en route to promote her beauty brand, Toty, alongside the Home Shopping Network.

Her visit to Hillsborough County was brief. After the weekend, Vergara, who tagged the Edition hotel in her social media posts, departed.

Speculation hints that she might be heading to her previous base in Miami to spend time with her family. Nevertheless, as a single adult woman, she retains the freedom to make her own choices and travel where she pleases.

The Colombian actress, who has a grown son from her previous marriage, currently enjoys her independence. Rumors suggest that her desire to not have more children might have contributed to Joe Manganiello’s decision to end their seven-year marriage.

The question arises: what’s at stake in the divorce of these two accomplished actors? It’s reported that the former couple had signed a solid prenuptial agreement before their Palm Beach wedding in 2014. With Sofia Vergara being the higher earner, valued at approximately $180 million, she’s determined to uphold the terms of this document.

One can only hope that Joe Manganiello, with a respectable fortune of around $40 million, won’t contest this, as seen in some other contentious celebrity divorces, like the Costners and, closer to home, the Hochsteins.

At least one significant issue between Vergara and Manganiello has been resolved: their beloved pet.

According to the Daily Mail, Sofia Vergara has graciously allowed Joe to keep their dog, a Chihuahua-Pomeranian mix named Bubbles.

“Joe would never part with his dog Bubbles, and Sofía knows this well,” a source revealed to the UK outlet. “Neither of them seeks bitterness or revenge, and Sofía cares for Bubbles and wants her to be happy. That’s why she’s giving Joe custody.”

Interestingly, there appears to be some unresolved tension between Vergara and the pooch.

“She dislikes me,” the “America’s Got Talent” judge admitted to Jimmy Fallon in a virtual interview back in May 2021. “She was supposed to be mine. She was meant to be my dog… She’s mean to me.”

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