Walmart Parking Lot Chaos 20-Year-Old Arrested After Shots Fired!

Walmart Parking Lot Chaos: 20-Year-Old Arrested After Shots Fired!

A spokesman for the West Palm Beach police department said that a 20-year-old guy from Boynton Beach was arrested after shots were fired in the parking lot of the Walmart on 45th Street during a fight with police officers on Saturday afternoon.

On Sunday, the person who did it was found.

At 11:37 p.m. Saturday, Boynton Beach resident Jaquavius Dequan Robinson was arrested and taken to the Palm Beach County jail. Mike Jachles, a police spokesman, told WPTV’s Danielle Seat that police haven’t decided if the other guy with him who ran back into the star will also be arrested.

Robinson turned 20 on Saturday and is being charged with four felonies: two counts of aggravated attack on an officer, possession of a weapon, and violently resisting an officer.

There were also several arrest warrants for him. This includes a person being arrested on Saturday for a crime that happened on July 21, 2021, like using a credit card or ID that wasn’t theirs without permission.

Robinson’s bond for what happened on Saturday was set at $17,000 during his first court hearing on Sunday. His next court date is May 8 at 10:30 a.m. at Gun Club.

During the event, no one was hit by gunshots or hurt.

At 2:09 p.m., a shopper told two cops on duty that it looked like a robbery was going on west of Interstate 95 at the Walmart.

Jachles said that two guys with their faces hidden ran into the parking lot.

One of the guys, later named Robinson, pulled a gun on an officer, but the gun didn’t work. He dropped it, and when he tried to fire it again, it broke down again as the cops fired back. The semi-automatic handgun with a large clip was found by the police, and Robinson was taken into custody.

“Obviously, things could have gone much worse at a busy shooting range in the middle of the day on a busy Saturday, so we’re lucky that no one was hurt and our gunman was caught,” Jachles said.

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