West Palm Beach Woman Accused of Murder After Seeing Demons in the Sky!

West Palm Beach Woman Accused of Murder After Seeing Demons in the Sky!

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla.  — A woman who allegedly stabbed her mother and said she saw demons in the sky has been deemed “not competent” by a court to face trial for her crimes.

Sheree Latoya Williams, 34, was taken into custody in March, as previously reported by CBS12 News.

She was discovered to be wandering about topless after having strangled her mother with a mobile phone line, which led to her detention. She was accused of murder in the first degree.

Williams informed the investigators that she had vivid visions about her mother attempting to sell her off as a human sacrifice for financial gain and that she thought this to be her mother’s plan all along. According to prior reports by CBS12, she admitted responsibility for the offense.

Al Pefley of CBS12 News said that the initial call about the incident came in from a neighbor at about 9:12 on Sunday morning.

The neighbor said that they spotted a nude lady climbing a tree in the Magnolia Drive neighborhood of unincorporated West Palm Beach at some point.

On Wednesday evening, at 9:32, Williams was processed and booked into the facility.

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