Closing Date Approaching for Tampa Project-Based Voucher Waitlist
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Closing Date Approaching for Tampa Project-Based Voucher Waitlist

People who meet the income criteria can use housing vouchers to help pay for their rent. The Tampa Housing Authority is accepting applications for two-bedroom units until December 22.

Through the agency’s rental assistance program, eligible residents pay 30 percent of their income for rent at certain locations.

To qualify, your household composition and income must meet specific requirements, capped at 80 percent of the area’s median income. You can apply online on the housing agency’s website.

Unlike the more well-known Section 8 vouchers, these project-based vouchers can’t be used in the private rental market.

Margaret Jones, the director of assisted housing at the agency, mentioned that there are currently around 300 applicants on the waitlist for project-based vouchers.

“We pull from these waitlists when there’s availability at the properties, and we have over 30 properties that may request pulls from this waitlist,” she stated.

Jones mentioned that the number of homes will increase because two new properties are opening in 2024. She also suggested that the waitlist for Section 8 vouchers might open again soon. It hasn’t been available since October 2021.

Out of all the people who applied, a random drawing picked 3,000 residents, and now there are about 800 people left on the waiting list. The demand for affordable housing in Tampa is increasing, but lower rent and more landlords joining in might bring some relief for renters next year.

Source: wusf 

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