Missing for Seven Days Family's Plea to Bring Tampa Teen Home
Image Source: WTSP.com

Missing for Seven Days: Family’s Plea to Bring Tampa Teen Home

Adrianna Ortiz’s family is in distress, stating that they notified the Tampa Police about her disappearance last Thursday. They are feeling adrift without her and are simply praying for her safety.

“I want her back. We need you back! I have to keep saying that over again,” said Gail Scott, Ortiz’s Great Aunt.

On Tuesday night during an interview, you could hear the desperation in her voice. It has been six days since she last heard from her loved one.

Scott stated that, “Whoever has her or if Adrianna is listening, ‘Please come home because we love you.'”

Scott, who is only 16 years old, laments that her great-niece has disappeared without a clue. The family reports that she was last spotted at the junction of N 40th Street and E Hillsborough Avenue.

“It’s not like her to not call. There’s got to be a reason. We love her I want her back. I call her sunshine because she brightens my life,” Scott said.

Adrianna was last seen near her school, Gary Adult High School, on November 2nd. According to Scott, a security guard at the school was the last person to see her after she left the premises that day.

“She was dropped off by me at school. She was wearing a crop top, but she also had a jacket on and striped pants with bubbly shoes on. Those ones that girls wear with the bubbles and they were like a beige color,” Scott stated.

On Sunday, the family searched the area around N 22nd St and E Cayuga St up to E New Orleans Avenue for any sign of Adrianna. This area is only 5 minutes away from where she was last seen.

“We’ve been out, we’ve passed out flyers all Sunday. We passed them out Saturday, Sunday, Monday. We’re going back out again too. We’re going to do what we have to do to get her,” Scott said.

The family is seeking volunteers to assist in the search for Adrianna and provide any information that may help investigators locate her. They believe she will be found safe and unharmed.

“I’m not sad to the point where I’m not a believer in what God can do, but it’s just that I know what she needs right now and she doesn’t need to be on the streets,” Scott said.

The Tampa Police Department is currently looking for this teenager. If you have any information regarding her location, they would appreciate hearing from you. You can also reach out to the family at 813-670-4164.