Newborn's Dead Body Found in Trash Bin at University of Tampa, Authorities Investigating

Newborn’s Dead Body Found in Trash Bin at University of Tampa, Authorities Investigating

At the University of Tampa, a newborn’s remains were discovered dead and placed into a garbage can close to the freshmen residence halls.

According to a press release from the Tampa Police Department on Monday, the infant’s death was reported close to McKay Hall, a student residence hall on the university’s Florida campus, just before 7 p.m. on Sunday.

Officers discovered a newborn girl in a trash can close to the residence for students, wrapped in a towel, when they got there.

According to authorities, the newborn girl’s body was taken to the medical examiner’s office for an autopsy to ascertain the cause of death.

The mother of the kid was located, according to the officials, and taken to a local hospital. “The loss of a child is always a tragedy,” the Tampa Police Department’s head of police, Lee Bercaw.

“As our department actively investigates this incident, we want all expectant mothers to know there are resources available.”

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The mother may or may not have contributed to this unfortunate loss; it is presently unknown how the baby ended up in the hospital. However, the Tampa police did include information in their statement about how mothers who are “facing difficult circumstances” can seek support.

According to the police, parents can anonymously turn over an uninjured newborn child to any fire, EMS, or hospital station as long as the child is seven days old or younger under Florida’s Safe Haven Law.

“There will be no questions asked, and no charges will be filed for surrendering a newborn under the Safe Haven Law unless the infant has signs of abuse or neglect,” according to the police.

Students got a campus alert text message shortly before midnight informing them that there was an investigation happening close to McKay Hall, according to the publication.

Although they were warned to stay away from the area, they were informed that the university community was not in danger.

In a statement to The Mirror, the University of Tampa stated that it is “offering counseling and resources to the campus community and is cooperating with TPD on the investigation.”

According to the police department, the inquiry is still ongoing.